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Capuchin Crypt, Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappucini

Under the church of Santa Maria della Cocezione in Rome,lies the fascinatingly morbid Capuchin Crypt, a small space consisting of 7 tiny chapels, entirely decorated by the bones of 4000 Capuchin friars, who died between 1528 and 1870.

(photos taken from  atlasobscura)

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The Life and Times of Yoshifumi Oshikawa

Oshikawa first appeared as a suit actor in GoGo-V. He then starred as the third rider, Gills, in Kamen Rider Agito, and usually played the tertiary/secondary rider in succeeding series. His most famous KR role is Den-O’s Deneb, and after this, moved back to Sentai as Go-On Blue. After playing a few more Sentai Blues, he got promoted to Red Sentai in Go-Busters and is now currently playing ToQ#1. 

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that last gif is from megamax isn’t it

just lays down and cries

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Sada Yakko (Kawakami Sadayakko 川上 貞奴 born Sada Koyama 1871-1946) as Oriye - japanese name for Ophelia - french newspaper, photography by Nadar - 1905

French newspaper translation : “Sada Yacco in the role of Oriye, the Japanese Ophelia : scene of the madness”

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My Wardrobe- The Korean Indies- HaeNuLi’s Sleeping Beauty and Lief’s Sacred Night

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Visited the house where Psycho was filmed when I was younger. Found this today in one of our photo albums.

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When you see clothes you like and you check the price tag.
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A close up of my the print of my two Theresia Rose skirts from IW.

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